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Our Hygienists

Hygiene is a major focus at All West Dental. Preventative Dental Care today may prevent major restorative dental procedures down the road. Our Hygiene team takes great care to ensure that all of our patients receive a thorough examination and information related to their periodontal diagnosis. Using available technology including Intra-Oral Camera’s, Soft-tissue Laser’s and digital radiographs, our Hygiene team can help educate our patients to achieve the optimal hygiene care. We take great pride in viewing a patient’s hygiene care as more than just a cleaning visit. Each patient will be enrolled in our continuing care program, encouraged to keep up on re-care visits at intervals that are specifically chosen for each individual patient. Your Hygiene provider will review your diagnosis, your recommended interval for re-care and give you all the education you need for at home care to achieve your Oral Health goals!

Our Assistants

Dental Assistants are the cement that bonds the patient’s relationship with their Dentist. In many instances, after your treatment they are the faces you remember. Our Assistants develop a relationship of trust with our patients to put them at ease, educate and guide you through your dental procedure. Each assistant is highly skilled providing the necessary support the Dentist to make your procedure a quality experience. Each operatory is equipped with Digital Radiography and Intra-Oral Camera’s which allows our team to make your treatment plan interactive, you get to see what our Dentist see’s and understand the diagnosis and recommended treatment. There are also great education tools available that help to explain visually, how your treatment will be performed. We are all about creating value for our patients and Dental Assistants do that by making sure that each patient’s time in our clinic was relaxed, comfortable, and efficient.

Our Administration

Administration of a dental practice can at times be a complex and demanding position. Our Admin team is focused on ensuring that each patient leaves the office understanding the treatment that was performed, the cost of the treatment, the impact of available patient benefits and the schedule for their next treatment and/or re-care visit. We go to great lengths to ensure that our schedule is put together to minimize your wait time. We respect the time that each person has taken from their schedule to visit us for Dental Care and we ask that our patients have that same level of respect; for our time and that of other patients. Each member of our Admin team will work with you to help navigate the world of dental benefits. Our practice will direct bill your treatment costs to your benefit provider in most instances. We will work with you to help minimize the upfront costs of dentistry, without decreasing the value you receive. We are able to offer this service to our patients because our practice makes it a priority to educate our admin staff on the nuances of dealing with benefit providers. This maximizes our ability to be reimbursed in a timely fashion, and pass the convenience of direct billing on to you. Administration is not necessarily a place where you would consider that technology has a big impact, but together with DemandForce, we have a system for our patients to keep in touch electronically through email and text messaging. Patients can now make or confirm appointments on-line and through text messaging. We encourage patients to utilize the tools within our practice communications to write reviews, take a survey and even refer family and friends to experience the same value of Dental Care that you enjoyed!

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