When Is a Root Canal Needed?

When Is a Root Canal Needed?

The purpose of a root canal procedure is to remove bacteria from an infected root canal to prevent infection and save the tooth. When you have a root canal, your dentist will remove the infected pulp from within the tooth, clean and disinfect, and then seal the tooth. Dr. David Gunderson is a dentist at All West Dental in Lethbridge, AB. He provides a full range of dental services including root canal treatment. Talk to your Lethbridge, AB Dentist today.

Tooth Anatomy 101

Beneath your tooth’s outer coating of enamel is a hard layer known as dentin. Under that is soft tissue known as the tooth’s pulp. The pulp extends from the tooth’s crown to its roots. The pulp is comprised of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves all of which create the surrounding hard coating as the tooth develops. Once the tooth has stopped growing, it can survive without the pulp.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Lethbridge, AB Dentist treats patients experiencing the following symptoms with a root canal:

  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing
  • Sores on the gums
  • A fractured or broken tooth
  • Persistent sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Inflamed gums
  • Dark-colored gums
  • Deep decay

How A Root Canal Saves Your Tooth

Dr. Gunderson will remove the infected pulp from within the tooth and will clean and shape the inner root canal. Space within is then sealed. Your dentist may place a crown over the tooth to prevent any further damage. Once the restoration is in place, your tooth will function as normal.

Your tooth may feel sensitive for a few days after the treatment, particularly if you were having toothache before the root canal. You can take over-the-counter analgesics to ease the discomfort.

If you live in Lethbridge and need a root canal, contact Dr. David Gunderson on (403) 380-3300 to schedule an appointment.

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